Geotechnical Studies

Numerous geotechnical studies have been conducted and paid for by Gardens South HOA to better understand the nature of the landslide and to determine if it is economically feasible to reduce the hydrostatic pressure and retain the hillside.   To date, more than $80,000 has been spent in engineering studies over the past 15 years but as the slide continues to accelerate and affect neighboring properties a coalition of property owners was formed in 2011 and negotiations began to determine how to resolve the problems and how to fairly divide the costs.   As a result, additional studies are currently underway that involve a widening area of properties affected by the slide, including the Knights Inn Hotel, Dairy Queen, Pier 49 Pizza, Claim Jumper Steakhouse, and others.

In 2008 the Utah Geological Survey agency commissioned a study that shows evidence of high landslide hazard potential for the entire southern half of the old airport hillside.  A map and explanation key illustrates the hazard area.  This information should be disclosed to all property owners, lenders, appraisers, real estate agents, builders, and others who have any interest in property located along south airport bluff.

Link to USG study map of Landslide Hazards along Airport 

Link to Map Key explaining color coded hazard areas as determined by USG

To educate yourself about the various causes and types of landslides, this site is particularly helpful:

Link to Utah Geological Survey for information about Landslides

The a photo of the crack in Building "L" made the front cover of this study.   A full copy of the 2008 report that identifies specific geologic hazards in St. George  is available from the Utah Geological Survey.   For a copy of the study, click the link below.  Study in particular Section 5

Link to Geological Survey 2008 publication, "Geologic Hazards in Washington County"

Below are links to most of the major Geotechnical studies commissioned by Gardens South HOA.   This information is made available to the public and neighboring property owners in the spirit of full disclosure so that interested parties can make informed decisions.  It is also made available to interested engineers, geologists and geotechnical firms so the data can be evaluated and added to library of knowledge concerning the landslide activity in the area.  We request only that those using the data who might have access to other data helpful to the cause would also reciprocate in sharing.

1992 Kleinfelder Engineering Report

2004 July1_Rosenberg Bldg L

2005 July26_Rosenberg Bldg L

2008 Oct_ ACEC Report Bldg M

2008_ AGEC Proposal Bldgs L & M Slope Stabilization

2008 _ AGEC Report_Bldg L

2008 Jun_ AGEC Report_Bldg M

Arial Map 1.pdf

Arial Map_Area of Survey

2011 Nov Buttress Design Study

2011 Nov Buttress Design Figures 1 - 4