Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Recent Findings

Jim Nordquist of AGEC met with members of the Garden South HOA board last night to present the most recent conclusions resulting from analysis of the inclinometer readings taken in April, 2011.  The inclinometer located near the retaining wall behind the Dairy Queen was particularly interesting.   The casing has sheared in two different locations, one 6 ft below the parking lot, and the other is nearly 33 ft. deep.  The casing was offset nearly five inches indicating the amount of movement since 2008 in two separate slide planes.  This information will be used to create design specifications which can be given to prospective contractors in anticipation of receiving cost estimates to stabilize the slope.   The data indicates that most of the broader hillside area is moving, but at a very slow rate (less than 1/4" per year).  The most active area is limited to a section that appears to be an ancient ravine about 400 ft. wide.   When available, we will post aerial maps to illustrate the affected properties.   Once the findings are summarized and cost estimates are obtained, we will begin the process of educating property owners, government officials and others who have a stake in the problems caused by this slow moving landslide.

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