Monday, July 23, 2012

One Step Forward, Two Back...

Since the last posting there has been some progress and some regression.
A meeting with the EDG Group, owners of the land on which the Dairy Queen sits, is scheduled the first of next week to review the cost sharing agreement and seek to resolve their demands and concerns.   If EDG and the hotel both agree to contribute the amounts budgeted, along with the loan from the city, there is a good chance the berm can still be constructed by simplifying the design and reducing some of the costs even though we now have a budget shortfall of nearly $50K from what we originally had hoped to raise.  
To date, Gardens South has funded 100% of the engineering studies and legal efforts related to the landslide.   Even if Gardens South homeowners could come up with all of the money necessary to construct the berm, without signed easements granted by the hotel and EDG to use a portion of their land for the berm, it will not be possible to construct the berm .   Even if the two neighboring property owners agree to participate,  Gardens South will still shoulder nearly two thirds of the total cost.   I'm still hopeful that we can work through the legal issues but it has been more than a year since the first meetings were held among the various owners and we have yet to see signed agreements or actual funds to pay for the construction of the berm.    

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