Thursday, April 3, 2014

April 2014 Update

Attached is an update from the HOA board president, Bill Cornelius, regarding the status of the landslide abatement attempts.    In the fall of 2012, upon the recommendation of soils engineers, affected land owners joined in the construction of a large earthen berm with the hope that the slide could be stabilized.   The readings a year later appear positive (i.e. very little movement) since the construction of the berm, but until we experience substantial rain it cannot be determined if the slide has been halted.  It will most likely be summer of 2015 before further conclusive readings can be taken.   If after substantial rains and further testing it can be determined that the berm is effective in halting the slide the HOA board will continue to work with the city to decide whether to repair or demolish the damaged buildings and infrastructure.    In any case, owners (or prospective owners) can expect future addition special assessments until the situation is stabilized and the affected buildings are either demolished or repaired.


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