Friday, March 16, 2012

Getting Closer

A meeting was held recently at the city offices to iron out any remaining issues regarding the construction of the berm.  All consents, easements, and releases from property owners and lenders have yet to be signed and collected.   The issue of drainage was discussed and the city wants to see a drainage plan included in the berm design specifications.  I met with a local civil engineer this week who submitted a quote for the design and has begun working on the project.  We should have something to submit to the city for approval within ten business days.   The attorneys are drafting an escrow agreement and requesting that all property owners contribute their share of the costs to a trust account prior to construction.  Gardens South has collected most of the special assessment that was approved by the homeowners and is ready to pay its share.   As soon as the money is collected from the other owners we should finally be ready to begin construction on the berm.

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