Sunday, April 15, 2012

More Delays... But Still Making Progress

Attorneys for the various parties are still working on finalizing the cost sharing agreement but we have yet to see monies from other property owners deposited to the trust account.   An agreement with the city regarding the use and repayment of funds contributed by the city is also being included in the cost sharing agreement.   The drainage design is complete but has yet to be approved by the city.   Draining water properly will increase the probability of the berm's success and is something that was not included in the AGEC berm design.  The city is also now requesting that the owner of the restaurant grant an access easement and storm drain easement.  This particular owner has yet to commit to participate in the landslide mitigation efforts despite the fact that the back of the restaurant is now caving in due to the slide.  We will need to work through these challenges in the coming days.   I am having to revise the budget for the berm construction to include the added drainage system costs once we have a final bid submitted.   I still think we will be within the total budget originally estimated but there will no longer be any cushion for unforeseen expenses.   This is a two steps forward, one step back process that has been frustrating for all concerned but we must continue to work through the issues if we have any hope of reducing the damages caused by this tragic slide.

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